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Who we are?

Bentrading is a well-coordinated team consisting of people with many skills. Thanks to a wide range of experience in the field of trade, warehousing and mastering IT tools, our team is ready to meet the requirements of your industry.

Members of Bentrading, bringing their experience to work, creatively solve customer problems and approach business in an innovative way.

We are all very committed to providing the highest quality service to you and your customers, and our collective knowledge allow us to do it efficiently and effectively.


Procurement is the process of obtaining goods or services for an organization from external sources. We can provide your business with everything: from raw materials and finished products to consulting services.

To do this effectively, we focus on identifying the right suppliers, negotiating favorable terms and conditions, and managing business continuity to ensure that goods and services are delivered on time and at the right price.

One of the key skills of our team here is the strength and ability to negotiate. During negotiations, we convince suppliers to grant better conditions, such as lower prices or longer payment terms, while maintaining quality and delivery standards.


The fulfillment process is a key service for online stores – it streamlines the logistics process for sales orders. By organizing the entire fulfillment process, our company allows online sellers to focus on what they do best – creating and selling products.

Bentrading’s commitment to excellent service and attention to detail sets it apart in the fulfillment industry, making it a partner for e-retailers looking to optimize their logistics operations. Our company provides a wide range of services supporting enterprises in managing the order fulfillment process:

  • Merchandise management – tracking inventory and ensuring product availability at the time of ordering.
  • Order processing – a service where our company accepts and processes customer orders, which includes picking and packing products and generating shipping labels.
  • Shipping, delivery and services such as bundling, which combines multiple products into one package, or custom packaging solutions.

With our expertise in logistics and order management, Bentrading can help businesses streamline their operations, reduce shipping times and improve overall customer satisfaction


Warehousing is a key element of the logistics process and supply chain. It involves the storage, organization and management of goods, products and inventory. The main purpose of warehousing is to provide a safe and secure place to store goods until they are needed for production or shipment.

Our warehouses are designed to meet specific storage requirements, such as temperature control or special handling procedures. In addition to storage, we also manage stock levels and ensure that products are readily available when needed.

Supply chain

For a logistics company, the supply chain is the foundation of business. It is a process of coordinating all steps related to sending the product from the manufacturer to the end customer.

In our work, we manage stock levels, coordinate communication with suppliers, optimize transport routes and ensure timely delivery of products. Through effective supply chain management, Bentrading can improve operational efficiency, shorten order fulfillment times and increase customer satisfaction. This, in turn, can lead to increased sales, repeat business and positive recommendations.


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